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Super transparent epoxy-resin with additives that prevent yellowing in time. Used for a variety of workmanships, this resin allows you to create fantastic works that can also be trampled on.


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Resina epossidica trasparente Magic Cristal

Magic Cristal is a multi-purpose transparent bicomponent resin. Its formulation is provided with excellent anti-bubble properties and the lower viscosity of the product allows to realize objects with a very low thickness. The use of this resin allows you to create fabulous and highly resistant objects and works that can also be trampled.


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Some original designs and ideas with our transparent resin:

Create rose in resin completely by hand

Decoration of a box or jewelry box

The transparent epoxy resin is the one that is most used and that finds multiple uses in the decorative arts, fine arts, hobby, construction, etc. as it is precisely transparent and can be colored or shaded in different ways and with different techniques.

It is mainly used as a protective finish of tables or floors, to polish opaque objects, such as creation itself (rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings, cameos, etc.) or to create more sophisticated objects with the incorporation of some objects (eg. dry flowers, stones, pebbles, insects, etc.)

The use is very easy, just weigh the two components with a balance respecting the ratio of 100: 60 (by weight), ie adding to the amount of component A 60% of part B. For an automatic calculation use our catalysis report tool mix ratio calculator.

Then the two components are joined together with a spatula must be mixed carefully and slowly, taking care to scrape the walls and the bottom well to obtain a well homogeneous mixture throughout the mass.

To create a resin object, pour the liquid into a silicon rubber mold of the desired shape, from which it will be easily possible to unmilk once catalyzed.

The casting method is not the only one that can be used, in fact it is possible to use the Magic Cristal also with a brush to obtain a surface with a low thickness. The formulation is self-leveling and once applied will tend to conform to the entire surface eliminating the bristle marks.

The product has a catalysis time of 24 (approximately hours), but remember that the temperature has a significant influence on these times. Environments with temperatures (> 25 °) allow to obtain a hardening of the casting in 12 hours or less. Also the mixing method can result in a lengthening of the catalysis time and we advise not to manually mix large quantities of product.

The ductility of this resin allows it to be used in a variety of different sectors, activities and processing methods. Mainly the compound finds perfect application in:

  • Creative activities (stickers, bijoux, etc.)
  • Modeling
  • Construction and / or finishing of large objects
  • Construction of objects through casting in silicone molds
  • Protection of artifacts
  • Incorporation of objects

The main properties of Magic Cristal are:

  • Maximum transparency and shine
  • Auto-leveling
  • Excellent resistance
  • Possibility of coloring through suitable coloring pastes or powder pigments
  • Resistance to yellowing over time
  • Anti-bubble that limits its formation

The transparent epoxy resin worked with different techniques lends itself to be used as a finish and protection of floors in resin, epoxy cement, enamel, etc.

Data sheet

Mix Ratio100:60 (in peso)
Processing time50 minutes
Setting time24 ore (circa)
Hardness85 Shore D

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