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Selection of abrasive pastes of different particle sizes for optimal restoration and polishing of different surfaces. With polishes, lines, scratches and dullness can be removed.

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  • Polarshine 5 - Polishing Paste 250ml

    Polarshine 5 is a water-based polishing paste, formulated to achieve an excellent finish. This silicone-free paste removes streaks on varnishes and clear coats and can also be used as a treatment for old and new varnishes. To obtain a better result of brilliance it is recommended as a finish in the polishing process with Polarshine 15 and 10 abrasive pastes.

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  • Polarshine 10 - Polishing Paste 250ml

    Polarshine 10 is a silicone-free polishing paste. Its formula is designed to keep the temperature low during polishing. In combination with micro grains, it allows you to quickly remove scratches and imperfections both on glossy and double-layer surfaces without leaving streaks. Can be used by hand or by machine with a natural merino wool cap or smooth or...

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  • Polarshine 15 - Polishing Paste 250ml

    Polarshine 15 is a silicone-free polishing paste with a thick composition that facilitates cleaning. Its abrasive formula allows for quick and easy polishing. Produces a superior quality finish on both fresh and old paintwork. Remove scratches and blemishes and release shine. Can be used by machine with a wool cap or a textured sponge pad.

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