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Selection of glazes that are mainly used for the construction or coating (for civil or industrial use) of uniform floors or walls that do not have joints.

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  • Waterproofing: Water Block

    Two-component waterproofing polyurethane sheath. High waterproof even on low thicknesses and total insensitivity to temperature fluctuations. Resistant to water stagnation, aggressive chemical cleaning and compression. Suitable for being trampled remains easy to lay.

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  • Inno-Pav Film

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  • Foody EPX enamel

    Enamel for solvent-free for food environment, Italian certificate according to D.M 21/03/1973. Suitable for permanent contact with drinking water both during processing and storage. The viscosity is designed to allow the application with a brush or a short fur roller even vertically.

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  • Flooring systems

    Resins - Enamels - Epoxy cement - Waterproofing for floors in private homes, commercial and industrial premises. For both indoor and outdoor use. The implementation of the products is not carried out. For information or quotes, contact by email at info@theresinlovers.com




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