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Resins - Enamels - Epoxy cement - Waterproofing for floors in private homes, commercial and industrial premises. For both indoor and outdoor use.

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We supply systems for the construction of civil and industrial floors for internal and external use, such as transparent sheaths for finishes, water-based systems, epoxy cement, swimming pool systems, waterproofing, self-levelling systems, etc.

Flooring resins are tailor-made according to the type requested by the customer or professional applicator, based on the type of surface on which it must be applied and based on the square footage of the surface to be covered. Therefore, the purchase of these products must be agreed only through a preventive email contact at info@theresinlovers.com.

Resin flooring systems are innovative, modern and absolutely elegant. They are alternative products to the traditional use of tiles and make it possible to obtain one-of-a-kind settings thanks to the possibility of creating a mix of colours, reflections and characteristic veins. In addition to their aesthetic appearance, these products are designed to be very resistant and long-lasting, but also easy to handle during cleaning; in fact, the resin-based systems provide for smooth and homogeneous surfaces without the presence of the classic joints.

Cement system: this system is based on a compound of epoxy resin, extra fine cement and quartz. The main feature is maximum compressive strength and excellent resistance to rising damp. It remains easy to apply and guarantees excellent results even for less experienced or novice applicators.

Self-leveling system: the application takes place through a casting of epoxy or polyaspartic resin on the entire surface to be covered, guaranteeing a completely homogeneous application up to a thickness of 3-4mm. When the product is dry, the surface will be waterproof, rigid, free from bubbles and defects.

Industrial system: the industrial surfaces are coated with a light layer of resin, solvent or water based, colored according to the customer's needs and the application can be done by roller or with spray equipment. The peculiarity of these products is the high resistance to torsion and mechanical stress that an industrial-type flooring must support on a daily basis with the transit of forklifts or transpallets.

Waterproofing System: surface coating with an elastic sheath that blocks the infiltration of water. The resin waterproofing system can be applied in intermediate stages as a barrier, or as the final finish of the treated surface. The resin solution is chosen for terraces, roofs and other surfaces to replace the classic tar paper. When fully matured, the product is resistant to foot traffic.

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Foody EPX enamel

Enamel for solvent-free for food environment, Italian certificate according to D.M 21/03/1973. Suitable for permanent contact with drinking water both during processing and storage. The viscosity is designed to allow the application with a brush or a short fur roller even vertically.



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