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It is a transparent resin suitable for coloring (through special "Stone X Color" paste). Suitable for reproducing the effect of precious stones and gems. 

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This resin allows you to make amazing creations with the transparent color effect, it is suitable for the reproduction of precious stones, crystals and gems. The product consists of a neutral base and a bottle of special "Stone X Color" pigments.

This product is sold in the 335g format (neutral base 320g + colorant 15g) and in the 815g format (neutral base 800g + colorant 15g).

The special Stone X Color colors that allow to obtain a transparency effect, are contained in inert glass bottles and have a very practical dropper to facilitate the dosing of the color. These pigments are of the highest quality and yield, in fact, very few drops of color (about 2-3) are enough to color large quantities of resin.

The colors available are:

  • RED
  • BLUE
  • TURQUOISE (Special Edition Angenia Creations & Resin Lovers)
  • VIOLA MAGIC (Limited Edition Halloween - Mondoinundito & Resin Lovers)

Data sheet

Size335g / 815g
Mix Ratio100:60 (in peso)
Processing time30 minuti
Setting time12-24 ore (circa)
Hardness100 Shore A
ColorPiù Colorazioni
PropertyEffetto Trasparenza

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