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Fimo Soft - 57g Expand

Thermoforming polymer paste for Fimo Soft line creations.

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Polymeric paste for creations of the Fimo Soft line. 57g buns are enclosed in reclosable containers and are made up of 8 strips that allow you to easily measure the color and mix it with others in equal quantities. Suitable for creating objects that require longer machining, which is facilitated by the softness of the product. The pasta remains modelable until it is cooked at 110 ° C, after which it becomes solid and resistant.

There are 29 colors to try for your fantastic creations !!

White 0White 0 Sunny orange 41Sunny orange 41 Brillant Blue 33Brillant blue 33

Pacific Blue 37Pacific blue 37 Windsor Blue 35Windsor blue 35 Caramel 7Caramel 7

Clear carmine 21Clear carmine 21Chocolate 75 Chocolate 75 Cognac 76Cognac 76

Lemon 10Lemon 10 Sunflower 16Sunflower 16 Dolphin Grey 80Dolphin grey 80

Raspberry 22Raspberry 22 Lavander 62Lavender 62 Mandarin 42Mandarin 42

Peppermint 39Peppermint 39 Merlot 23Merlot 23 Black 9Black 9

Petrol 36Petrol 36 Purpure 61Purpure 61 Plum 63Plum 63

Cherry Red 26Cherry red 26 Indian Red 24Indian red 24 Sahara 70Sahara 70

Emerald 56Emerald 56 Green Lime 52Green lime 52 Apple Green 50Apple green 50

Tropical Green 53Tropical green 53 Flesh Light 43Flesh light 43

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CategoryPaste Polimeriche
ColorPiù Colorazioni

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