Harmonic Ring Gold 20 Turns - Thickness 0.6mm

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Harmonic Ring Gold 20 Turns - Thickness 0.6mm Expand

Ring of harmonic metallic wire color gold, about 20 turns and wire thickness of about 0.6 mm. Used mainly in the creation of bijoux with beads. The product does not contain Nickel.

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Harmonic metallic wire color gold, approx. 0.6 mm wire thickness and sold in packs of about 20 turns.

The harmonic metal wire is a material that keeps the shape and allows you to quickly and practically make bijoux. It is a very resistant and hard material to work with and requires the use of pliers.

The harmonic works lend themselves mainly to creations of costume jewelry that contain beads, choose the one you prefer (for example: pink smooth ballgold smooth ballrhodium smooth ballsilver diamond ballgold diamond ballrhodium smooth ball 10mmgold smooth ball 10mm). The thickness of the thread must be compatible with the thickness of the bead hole.

The creations made with this product can be closed by creating a small loop between the two ends of the wire, or through the use of special endings.

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Transparent Elastic Wire 0.6mm - 10m

Elastic thread in transparent silicone 0.6 mm thick, 10 meters long spool length. Used mainly for making bijoux of bracelets, pendants or necklaces. Very resistant material.



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