Liquid silicone rubber: Angry Rubber

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Gomma liquida: Angry Rubber Expand

Liquid silicone rubber with low resistance to laceration and twist. Ideal for creating single-use molds. +KIT PALETTE AND GIFT GLOVES!

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This liquid silicone rubber from casting with respect to the traditional silicone casting rubber is more susceptible to laceration. A disposable rubber can be defined by which a smaller number of moldings can be made from the same mold. (Resistance to use and durability over time depend on several factors, such as mold thickness and matrix thickness. Molds of very thin matrixes will have a low impact on gum laceration and mold will have a longer life span).


  • Reproduction of plaster items
  • Reproduction of manufatti in cement
  • Reproduction of resin artifacts
  • Reproduction of wooden artifacts
  • Reproduction of waxed artifacts
  • Playing statues
  • Playing parts of statues
  • Playing Rosettes
  • Reproduction of prototypes
  • Reproduction of static modeling objects
  • Playback of frames
  • Technical tassels


  • Non-stick on all surfaces (does not require the washing of instrumentation after use and does not need to be greased with other detachable agents). For some special surfaces, however, it is advisable to apply a detachable CLICK HERE
  • Low torsional strength.
  • Discreet reproduction of all details (even small and hidden ones)
  • Discrete mechanical features.
  • Low hardness

Data sheet

SizePiù Formati
Mix Ratio5% (in peso)
Processing time15 ÷ 25 minuti
Setting time24 ore (circa)
Hardness20 Shore A

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Rubber in paste: Gummy Gum Fast

Non-toxic silicone rubber in paste with very fast catalysis time. Completely non-stick on all surfaces. Contains an oily component compared to the SLOW version.

This product is not recommended for users who are at the first experiences with this type of product.



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