Blue Phosphorescent Pigment

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Pigment in powder with green-blue photoluminescence characteristic. The phosphorescent pigments adapt to a multiplicity of uses, for example, to create magic in the children's room, in the paintings, but also to create illuminated signs visible in the dark.

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Pigment in high luminosity powder of green-blue color in 10g pack. Professional bright phosphorescent effect.

The pigments with a photoluminescence feature are added to numerous materials such as paint or resin and are recharged with exposure to sunlight or artificial light sources.

Fluorescence creates a truly incredible light effect in the dark and can be used in many occasions, for example, to create a magical atmosphere, for light indications visible in the dark, to create a fairytale environment for a special occasion like a party or for create original and imaginative paintings.

The lighting effects in the darkness brighten up and defuse the room and give it a more relaxed style. For example, you can hang small pieces of painted paper from the ceiling of the room, to give the impression of many luminous elements that move delicately in the air. At Halloween it is also possible to create luminous webs, dipping woolen threads in the phosphorescent paint and then intertwining them like a spider web. Those who practice sculpture or plastic arts can also try their hand at fantastic decorative ornaments. Just paint a simple form of polystyrene to create an elegant ornament that lights up at night. Applied to furniture, instruments and accessories, luminescence gives a 'wow' effect.

Add the pigment in a quantity considered sufficient to the chosen binder (resin, paint, glue or other). Mix the mixture well in particular the bottom and the walls of the container where you can deposit the light pigments.

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Sky Blue Phosphorescent Pigment

Dark blue pigment powder with photoluminescence characteristic. Phosphorescent pigments adapt to a variety of uses, for example to create a magical atmosphere in the children's room, in paintings, but also to create luminous indications visible in the dark.



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