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Gelcoat for molding and external finishing of fiberglass products. The formulation is not paraffined and is based on white polyester. Application by roller, brush or spray.

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Non-paraffinized polyester-based formulation for finishing and molding of fiberglass products.

Gelcoat is used to externally finish composite material artifacts (such as fiberglass). In the construction of a mold it is applied first and constitutes the first layer of the various stratifications that are carried out subsequently.

The main purpose of the gelcoat is to create a smooth and non-porous surface layer, which serves to protect the artifacts from various atmospheric agents and ultraviolet solar rays. The product is not completely waterproof, but it creates a barrier against water and reduces the deterioration caused by saponification. In addition to these features,

the formulation is essential from an aesthetic point of view to give brilliance and homogeneity to the object. During the impregnation of the fibers numerous air bubbles are incorporated which create an imperfect surface of the mold, full of very small pores and micro bubbles which will be difficult to eliminate later, even with the application of several finishing coats. The use of the gelcoat will make it possible to conceal the defects and to remedy this inconvenience in advance.

The treatment of this product is necessary precisely due to the problem of the accumulation of air bubbles and pores, which by creating various grips make it difficult to detach from the mould, even if release agents have been previously applied.

Gelcoat PS 01 looks like a thick white paint and can be colored with specific pigments. The formulation contains agents which give the product thixotropy, which can therefore be applied in thick layers and also vertically. The product is two-component (therefore composed of a part A and a part B which must be mixed together carefully respecting the indicated catalysis ratio 2% MEKP), at low temperatures the dose is gradually increased up to 3% and in summer with temperatures decreases the catalyst up to 1.5%. Mixing must be done using a spatula, carefully scraping the bottom and sides of the container so as to have a homogeneous compound throughout its mass and not have subsequent hardening problems.

The application of the product can be done with a brush or roller, or by spray in thicknesses from approximately 0.5 to 1mm. Apply with long brush strokes to reduce the incorporation of air bubbles; once dried it is possible to apply a second coat of product.

When perfectly hardened we proceed with the stratification, superimposing the various layers of fiber (glass fiber) impregnating them individually. The layer of various fibers that will be created will bond perfectly with the gelcoat forming a single compact block that will come out of the mold with the finish already present. For the aesthetic aspect, the type of mold used is very important, in fact a glossy mold will also make the finish glossy, something that will not be possible to obtain with the use of opaque or not perfectly glossy molds.

This polyester-based gelcoat must never be diluted with acetone, as it is the main cause of cracking over time and must not be applied at low temperatures (usually below 10°C).

N.B. The formulation does not adhere in contact with the epoxy and requires the application of a release agent on the mold surface.

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Size1Kg (componente A + B)
Mix Ratio2-3% MEKP

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Gelcoat PS 01 1Kg

Gelcoat PS 01 1Kg

Gelcoat for molding and external finishing of fiberglass products. The formulation is not paraffined and is based on white polyester. Application by roller, brush or spray.



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