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Blue Sky is a high quality fluorescent powder pigment, 100% made in Italy and entirely handmade by Resin Lovers. Used in the coloring of products for Fine Arts, Restoration, Decorations and various industrial uses.

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Powder fluorescent pigment Blue Sky, product of the highest quality made 100% in Italy and entirely handmade by Resin Lovers.

The powder pigments can be used for the coloring of systems such as paints and water-based paints, or, for the coloring of products used in the fine arts, restoration or decorations.

The fluorescent pigments have very bright shades and dissolved in transparent resins give a particular character and a unique effect to the creations.

The use of powder pigments is very easy, just add a quantity of binder (oil, acrylic resin, solvent, etc.) to the powder, mixing carefully until a fluid paste is obtained.

With oil-based or water-based binders it is possible, quickly and easily, to apply the pigment on many different surfaces.

Blue Sky Fluo is a very lively pigment, with a transparency effect and with good light fastness. It can be used in oil, vinyl resins, acrylic resins, alkyd resins. It has a resistance to high temperatures up to 200 ° C.

Finding principal use in Fine Arts, Restoration, Decorations, Coating and various industrial uses.

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Size30g - 2g
ColorArancione Fluorescente
Light stabilityOttima

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