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Pure Anhydrous Citric Acid in food grade E330 granules. Natural compound that finds considerable use in cleaning the home and in the preparation of do-it-yourself products for personal care.

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Citric acid is a naturally occurring component in many citrus fruits that can be sold in the form of granules or powder.

This ECOLOGICAL compound of food grade (E330) with high biodegradability is a valid ally in cleaning and detergency of the house and for the production of do-it-yourself products for personal care. Due to its characteristics it is often preferred to vinegar.

What are some of the fields of application of our citric acid?

For non-food use this product finds various applications, for example:


Dissolved in a water solution it can be used to make a do-it-yourself descaler to be used on all washable surfaces, on tiles (excluding marble and wood) and on sanitary fittings. The solution must be prepared by dissolving 15% of citric acid in 1 Lt. of water (corresponding to about 150g in weight of product).


When hard to remove limestone halos at the bottom of your pan, citric acid can help you. Dissolve 25g of citric acid in 500 ml of water, pour the solution into the pan and leave to work overnight. The following day you will no longer find those annoying limestone halos.


To keep your laundry soft it is possible to make an easy home softener through citric acid. Inside a plastic container (preferably a bottle with a cap so that it can be shaken) insert 500 ml of water and 20g of citric acid. For each wash pour about 50ml of previously created solution into the specific compartment.


For the maintenance of the drains or for clogged drains the citric acid presents a valid helper. Pour 100g of sodium bicarbonate into the drain and immediately pour in a solution of 200ml of water and 30g of citric acid anhydrous.


To remove traces of limescale from your toilet and to help clean it, pour 1 liter of water and 50 grams into a bottle. of citric acid. For the application, shake the solution, pour into the toilet and leave to work overnight.


Citric acid in spray solution can be used for window cleaning and mirror cleaning. Dissolve 1 tablespoon of citric acid and 1 tablespoon of ecological dishwashing liquid in 1 liter of water. For the application it will be sufficient to shake the solution and spray on the surface to be cleaned.


Citric acid can be used for the preparation of do-it-yourself bathroom bombs to be dissolved in the tank water. In a bowl mix 100 g of baking soda, 50 g of corn starch and 50 g of citric acid, spray with water and work until the mixture is so compact that it can be transferred into molds to compress it in layer by layer with the help of a teaspoon. Let it rest for at least a couple of hours before removing it from the containers and then let it dry in the air for a while longer.


If your washing machine has fouling problems, citric acid can definitely help you. Make a solution with 15% citric acid and 1 Lt. of water, shake the solution and pour everything into the drum of the washing machine and wash it at high temperature. To maintain a constant state of cleanliness of the washing machine, the treatment should be carried out once a month.


Those who often fight frizzy hair can solve the problem by performing an acid rinse after using the shampoo. The acid solution can be prepared by diluting within a liter of water a pinch of citric acid or 1-2 tablespoons of apple vinegar. After acid rinsing the hair should be brighter and less wrinkled.

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Pure Citric Acid Anhydrous

Pure Citric Acid Anhydrous

Pure Anhydrous Citric Acid in food grade E330 granules. Natural compound that finds considerable use in cleaning the home and in the preparation of do-it-yourself products for personal care.



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