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Silicone oil Expand

Special pure silicone oil.

This product is used in a variety of different fields and for a variety of uses.

The addition of oil to liquid silicone rubber casting gives more fluid and softness to the rubber itself, making it easier to use and mix.

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Special pure silicone oil.

The addition of this product to liquid silicone rubber castings gives it more fluid and softness to the rubber. If they are too dense, they will cause a difficult mix of the catalyst and a lesser leak of air bubbles that form during mixing. To fluidize dense silicone rubber, it is recommended to use a dose ranging between 5% -10% calculated on the amount of rubber that is in use or that you want to use. An overdose of this product may result in loss of tire characteristics in terms of elasticity and tear resistance (laceration).

This product can also be used for other multiple applications, for example:

  • Thermostatic fluids (– 50 °C to + 200 °C).
  • Dielectric fluids (impregnation of paper for condensers).
  • Anti-blotting products for photocopying machines.
  • Thinning and plastifying agents for RTV’s and silicone sealants.
  • Lubricating and heat protecting agents for textile threads (synthetic sewing threads).
  • Ingredients in maintenance products (polishes, wax polishes, floor and furniture polishes, etc.).
  • Paint additives (anti-cratering, anti-floating/flooding and anti-scratching effects, etc.).
  • Water repellent treatment :
    • of powders (for paints and plastics),
    • of fibres : glass fibres.
  • Release agents (mould release of plastics and metal castings).
  • Lubricants (lubrication of elastomers or plastics on metals).
  • Surfactants for styrene-butadiene foam.

Key Benefits:

  • Very good resistance to high and low temperature.
  • Good combustion resistance.
  • Good dielectric properties.
  • Low surface tension.
  • High compressibility.
  • Absence of ageing upon exposure to atmospheric agents.
  • Good oxidation resistance.
  • Little change in viscosity with temperature.
  • Good resistance to high and prolonged shear stress.

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INNO-SOLV EP is a viscosity regulator for epoxy resins. The dilution (max 10%) allows to spray (with at least 3mm nozzle) the Ferton Plastocoat polystyrene vitrifying agent. Furthermore, it can be used for the dilution of any epoxy resin.



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